Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 7

As I have for the past three days, I had old friends and new join me for some of my many miles on this last day of the 350. This is a recap of today, not the entire excursion as I cannot possibly do that right now.

Special thanks to Jeff and Dre for helping me over those mountains. I was definitely not expecting to have to scale a few more before the day was done.

Nor was I expecting there to be some trouble getting over the bridge from Astoria to Washington. Let's just say it happened and not worry about if laws were technically broken in order to do so. Ask for forgiveness not permission, right? Meeting a construction worker who is also a runner definitely does not hurt.

Today was about closing out the journey. When the final miles of this day were in sight and I was finally in the single digits, I was slightly overwhelmed with what I was about to finish. Running further in 7 days than I had in any previous month in my life, I showed to myself, and hopefully more than a few others, that it is amazing what you can achieve when you simply forge ahead.

I will undoubtedly thank many more in greater detail but right now I can send nothing but the most heartfelt thanks to my wonderful crew, Shannon, who I simply could not have done this without. Also, thank you to the California, Oregon and Washington Beef Councils for your support, both up close and person and from afar.

Given our detour from the original plan on one day, and the fact that US RT 101 is even longer than I thought, I ran more than 350 miles. But whose counting, right?

Final stats:
I did it. Bam.


  1. 350+ miles all the way across Oregon
    Way to go!!!!

  2. This is amazing, congratulations on this accomplishment Dane! Go Beef!

  3. Nice work, my friend. Great to see you yesterday looking none the worse for the wear. Amazing. Thanks for all you do to spread the word about fueling physical activity with BEEF. I'm sure we had a number of high school athletes go home and ask mom for a steak for dinner :)