Friday, April 6, 2012

Day Five

For what seemed like the umpteenth time, we completely dodged the worst weather of the day at very odd intervals. Given my mileage actually had me a little ahead of schedule, I was able to sleep in the tiniest bit more today which somehow gave me just the right window to miss the coldest temperatures of the trip and rain too.  By the time I started running, the temperatures were still there but the rain had slowed to a drizzle and soon was gone altogether.

I had previously made one trip to the Oregon Coast prior to this run and that was a day trip to the city of Newport.  Here, on Day Five, I would be crossing into familiar territory for the first time.  We strapped a GoPro camera to my chest, I wore it across the Yaquina Bridge, hopefully getting some beautiful shots of the bridge, water and rising sun.

I did this run, in spite of its beauty, in a little bit of a funk. I was beginning to get close to the finish but wasn't really within sniffing distance, even though my friends were sending me positive messages to the contrary. I was running faster than I had for large sections than at any point in the run so far but just felt, well, "blah". Completely expected and I was fine with that. Fortunately, I had something wonderful to look forward to and that was speaking with, and then running with members of the Taft High School track team (and other students.)  I have experienced great kids along the way during this trip and the Taft kids were no different. After their rapt attention and fantastic questions they even did the one thing a runner can do to show you they really accept you: they took me on one of their running routes. It felt fantastic to share this experience with them and I look forward to seeing some of them very soon.  Even if they ended the run up a hill!

Ending this day I got to spend the better part of a baker's dozen of miles with a runner I have corresponded with for months and whose rapid progress I have gotten to watch over emails and web results. Jason Zacher who works with the local IGA grocery store accompanied me for miles and miles through Cape Foulweather (seriously its real name), Depoe Bay, Kernville and Lincoln City. Turning off to head off to his home, I felt like I knew Jason even better than I had previously and cannot wait to watch him attempt to go under three hours in his first marathon ever in Newport in June. Best of luck, Jason!

Here it is. One mile into my run tomorrow I will be able to be in the double digits to the finish.  Still quite a long way to go but I can try and focus a little on the downward slope - even if there are some big hills yet to conquer.

Starting Weight: 178.5
Ending Weight: 179
Miles: 250, give or take

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