Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day Two

After fantastic weather yesterday, this morning started hellaciously. Torrential downpour, biting winds and general yuckiness are what awaited me.  Plus, because of the scheduling of my talk to the kinds at Bandon High, I had to cut my run shorter than desired, drive 30 miles, speak, and then go back to where I had left off just to get done with the first part of the run. As much as a pain as this was, it actually worked out decently for me. Nevertheless, I cannot thank my awesome Crew (Shannon) for having the foresight to buy me one of the best running raincoats ever. I have no idea how I would have survived the first 13 miles without it.

The kids at Bandon were awesome. Fantastic questions, inquisitive nature, and a desire to learn about eating right and training. I was able to share with them information about the 29 Cuts of Lean Beef when they asked how I fueled myself and also tell them how a healthful balanced diet is how one achieves just about anything in this life. That or win the $640 MegaMillions.

While I finished my first run and food about the same time I started getting ready for run #2 yesterday, I was actually a little glad. The sun had actually come out like a beacon and while the temps were still chilly, it was definitely an energy-sucker. I waited for my GPS to charge as long as I could before I finally had to just get out the door. I was able to get the first portion of my second run in before I had to switch to another watch.

Donning my very appropriate "Run Oregon" t-shirt. I headed out. The day, even though rough in places, ended up wonderful. I will have less rest than I would like tonight but all is good. Right around 100 miles for the past two days and feeling better than I should.

Must be the 14 ounce steak I had Sunday night.


  1. Great job, Dane! Absolutely must be the steak!

  2. I want a Run Oregon shirt. I'll get one someday when I visit and run along the Waterfront. It'll happen. I also want a steak now...