Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Route

It really is pretty simple.  Except for a few miles where we deviate the course for logistical reasons, the entirety of my run will take place on US Route 101. See that purple line? Well, that's going to be me.

Day One will consist of stepping foot on the border of California and Oregon, some 35 miles south of Gold Beach, Oregon. From there I will progress, approximately 50 miles each day, until crossing the Astoria Bridge into Washington 7 days later.

With trips planned to speak at various schools along the way, I expect each day will be split into two separate long runs, with approximately 25 miles before much and 25 miles after. However, no doubt some snafus will pop up and the schedule will change.

Each run will be tracked using my Timex Run Trainer.  I will upload the data from this device every day, sometimes immediately after my run, if time permits. This will chronicle every step and show data out the wazoo as the Timex Run Trainer is a fantastic watch. I just have to remember to keep it charged.

All told, this is about the simplest logistical long distance run one can do. Or at least it should be. Regardless, the miles of US Route 101 and I are going to become quite familiar with one another.

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